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All Ease Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Care

What you can expect on a visit to our office.  Chiropractors work with maintaining proper structure and function of the body by removing any interference that occurs through muscle tightness, injured tendons or ligaments, or nerves.  This is accomplished through what we call a manipulation or an adjustment which involves gently and precisely moving a bone back into place allowing optimal function to be restored.  Depending on other health and history factors that optimal function may vary by person.  Also during your visit light muscle work and/or stretching/exercises, electrical muscle stimulation, heat/cold packs or ultrasound may be done if needed to help aid in your care.  Prior to your treatment a consultation will take place where we go over your history and paperwork followed by an examination to make sure that you are truly a chiropractic candidate and to help lead to a diagnosis and treatment plan for you.  In this age especially we are always doing something that will stress our bodies so we hope you decide to join our chiropractic family. 



I am now a Certified Medical Examiner (CME) so I am performing DOT physicals in the office as well.  Call today to schedule your appointment!  We are now offering DOT and NON DOT drug testing also! 

Massage Therapy

Call today to schedule yourself a nice relaxing stressfree massage with our  massage therapist! 


Rachel Hall works on Tuesdays from 10-7 and her rates are $30/30 min, $55/60 min and $75/90 min. 


Call to find out more information about massage or to make appointments.  Gift cards are available for purchase also.